What Moscow cabbies have to deal with

The Man

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Jul 2011
Video causing some conversations online in Russia ATM:

The lady who is losing it in the Moscow taxi cab is Yana Dankova, a model and beauty queen from Siberia, Vice-Miss Tomsk

It was kinda funny, in a screwed up way, how she was cursing at the poor cabbie, including flat out racist stuff:

"You worthless fucking Uzbek! Take me where I want to go, you scum, NOW!"

Unfortunate SOB is not even a Uzbek (looks more like a Kyrgyz, to me, if anything; and, actually, they, not Uzbeks, predominate in the taxi trade in Moscow, anyway...), he says as much.

Thus far unclear why she went so crazy, possibly under influence of something. Which is why the guy did not want to take her anywhere, said as much:

"I am going anywhere, with you acting like this."

Very calm guy, amazingly so, even all the Russkis are commending him for it, xenophobic though Muscovites tend to be haha She was hitting him; cursing; even threatening him that she was calling some guys who are gonna come beat the shit out of him, basically. He was seemingly unafraid and unmoved. Man of stone... My hat's off...

And Yana Dankova is a meme over there now, "Drive, you fucking scum!!!"

Especially hilarious, her putting down the guy because he is from Central Asia, when she is clearly hardly fully Slav/white herself, at the very least. Some sort of native Siberian, no doubt. But, they are indigenous minority, not migrant "guest workers", so, they get higher status and also get to treat the Central Asians like shit, because, why not... :rolleyes: