What the Kentucky governor's race results say about progress, according to a Kentuckian

Mar 2010
They aren’t. Ky. has some of the most beautiful farms in the country. Many wealthy people. Huge Universities.

That backwoods thing went out half a century ago. Same for Tennessee, Georgia and other states. The put downs are just a way for making some think their State is superior.
There is a section of Kentucky that is backward and a lot playing the system. I've been there and see it.
Feb 2011
Boise, ID
When it comes to Kentucky, pension reform would've been progress. Beshear's only pension fix idea is to expand and tax gambling. That might bring in 3-5% of the state's unfunded pension liability.

Voters in most states do not understand public pensions. They very consistently vote for self-sabotage when it comes to pensions.