What's so racist about Blackface?


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Rawstory. In their long tradition of distortion. Once again do what they are best at.

It was a panel discussion. Actually rather interesting to listen to.

Yes, I enjoy a heady conversation in which one person reveals how utterly clueless they are about something that most people know.
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To be honest, I think this is just an example of cultural stupidity colliding with political correctness in the extreme.

There's a lot more to blackface than just dressing up as an African-American for Halloween. Look up the history of minstrelsy and you can easily understand why. I'd be willing to bet that Megyn Kelly hasn't a clue about any of that. OTOH, I think many of her critics are simply appalled by the suggestion of the member of one race imitating another, which is sort of dumb, too, in my opinion.
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Nothing wrong with blackface, but I prefer tweed.

I don't know about that. The Blackfaces lack mids (1960's trends) and need pedals to get them back. I've had the Deluxe Reverb, the Twin, the Princeton Reverb and a Blackface Bassman and they all shared this problem. The Tweeds are much better in that area, but I'm over Fender amps now and have moved on to Mesa for better tone. Fender overdrive sucks hard.
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