WHEN Did Donald Trump First Meet Vladimir Putin?

Jan 2016
You mean the left one does not know what the right is doing? Amazing.

Trump met Putin when he had the Beauty Contests in Russia.
I wonder. Were some of those Russian beauty contestants prostitutes in disguise? I bet Putin could have set up a 'honey trap' for the Donald SOOOO easily. Donald is fond of 'grabbing' those honey traps, you know.
Jan 2016
Three bumps to keep it going thinking there's some Russian Collusion going on.

As Trump would say, "Sad".
The thread is simply ASKING a QUESTION, dude: WHEN did Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin first meet? And what did they talk about, when they did?

That's not a 'prediction'. Sheesh.

But we already KNOW there was 'collusion'. Why else was Manafort sharing polling data with Russian oligarchs while he was Trump's campaign manager, genius?

Try to keep up with the news!!
Mar 2019
In one of the Comey memos, it is revealed that Donald Trump told Comey that Vladimir Putin once told him that Russia had "the most beautiful hookers in the world".

OK, when? WHEN did Mr. Putin tell Mr. Trump this?

You see, this is a question that NEEDS to be asked because there is great confusion about exactly when Mr. Trump first met Mr. Putin.

At various points during the campaign, Mr. Trump claimed that he "had never met" Mr. Putin.

So if Mr. Putin told this to Mr. Trump face-to-face, it would have been at their first meeting AFTER Mr. Trump was elected, when there would have been several aides around, and such a comment would certainly have been noted and recorded and reported.

So either Mr. Trump was lying during the campaign when he claimed to have never met Mr. Putin, or he was lying when he told Mr. Comey that Mr. Putin had told him Russia had the most beautiful hookers.

Inquiring minds want to know: Exactly WHEN did Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin first meet, and under what circumstances, and what transpired at that meeting?
Trump lies, what else is new? They can talk to each other without meeting in person. I imagine Trump could have talked to Putin, even before being President. Hookers would be a great subject following mafias and Russia has a great one, too. Besides money, what other interests could they possibly have?