WHEN Did Donald Trump First Meet Vladimir Putin?

Mar 2019
In one of the Comey memos, it is revealed that Donald Trump told Comey that Vladimir Putin once told him that Russia had "the most beautiful hookers in the world".

OK, when? WHEN did Mr. Putin tell Mr. Trump this?

You see, this is a question that NEEDS to be asked because there is great confusion about exactly when Mr. Trump first met Mr. Putin.

At various points during the campaign, Mr. Trump claimed that he "had never met" Mr. Putin.

So if Mr. Putin told this to Mr. Trump face-to-face, it would have been at their first meeting AFTER Mr. Trump was elected, when there would have been several aides around, and such a comment would certainly have been noted and recorded and reported.

So either Mr. Trump was lying during the campaign when he claimed to have never met Mr. Putin, or he was lying when he told Mr. Comey that Mr. Putin had told him Russia had the most beautiful hookers.

Inquiring minds want to know: Exactly WHEN did Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin first meet, and under what circumstances, and what transpired at that meeting?
Was it before or AFTER Bill Clinton got half a Million for Speaking there? Or was it after Hillary sold him our uranium?
Jan 2016
WHEN Did Donald Trump First Meet Vladimir Putin?

My best guess would be at a Russian Orgy.
One arranged by Vladimir Putin for the express purpose of getting kompromat on Donald Trump.

That was almost certainly the one where they filmed the now-infamous 'pee tape', yes? Which Vladimir has in his secret vault, awaiting some very propitious moment, if need be, nyet?
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