When men turn into animals...

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Jul 2011
Irina Dovgan, right, a resident of Donetsk oblast

She had no troubles with the separatists, but also covertly brought food to Ukrainian troops not far from Yasinovatya, her town. Her mistake: took a photo with the soldiers on her tablet. Forgot the tablet in the car of a friend who had been driving her to feed the soldiers. Later, the man was stopped by rebel fighters at a checkpoint outside Yasinovataya, after they took control of the city. They searched his car, found the tablet, went through it, saw the photo, demanded to know who the woman was, he wouldn't tell them, but they beat it out of him. In the end, he gave them her name and address, so as not to die himself.

On August 23rd, they came for her. 8 armed men came and took her straight from her garden.

She was taken to Donetsk, to a building, to a room, where there were 20 more armed men, Ossetians and Cossacks, among them the now legendary and fearsome (to Ukrainians) bearded Cossack commander Aleksandr Mozhaev, aka "Babay"

and the Ossetians were led by Alan Mamiev, aka "Zaur", another memorable character (second from right)

Dovgan says Babay told her she was a traitor and a whore, and because of her, some good men he knew were ambushed and killed. For this, he said, he would give her to his Cossacks and they would "enjoy" her for the rest of the night, and then, she would be handed over to the Ossetians, to do with as they pleased. Babay pulled her pants down and tore her shirt open, to have a look at her body. Meanwhile, "Zaur" Mamiev pulled out a big knife and twirled it in his hands, and told her once the Cossacks are done with her, and then his men take her around for a spin of their own, he will personally cut her guts out of her body. One of the Ossetians found a photo of himself on her tablet, she took a picture of some fighters patrolling the town, and he happened to be one of them. This reaffirmed their conviction that she was a spy, and enraged them more.

So, her first punishment was, they found a Ukrainian flag, wrapped her in that, and then took her to the central square. Put a sign on her, "She helped murder your children!", and then locals, all women, lined up, like kids for a mall Santa Claus, she had to stand under a lamppost, and the women would come up and yell at her and beat her. One especially fierce lady was captured in now iconic photos shouting curses and kicking her

There were many others. Dovgan says she most remembers a old babushka coming forward and striking her with her cane, over and over... She was left bleeding, by the end of it.

Later, they took her back to the building, and threw her in some kind of basement. She was in terror, says at least on the public square she felt safer: in the basement cell, she kept expecting Cossacks and Ossetians to come gang-rape and kill her any second, as they promised. One Ossetian did keep coming into her cell, and kick her, in the face and chest. But did not touch her sexually. In the middle of the night, a young man was brought in, she doesn't know what his crime was, but she was kept awake the rest of the night by the sounds of him being beaten and his screams. He screamed and she also howled and crawled around her cell in total fear.

Her salvation came the next morning, when other men came and took her away from the Ossetians, and brought her onto the 3d floor of the same building, into the office of Aleksandr Khodakovsky, commander of the Battalion Vostok

It seems he, at least, has kept some of his officer's honor, because he, apparently, was furious at what his Ossetian and Cossack fighters had done with her. Asked if she was hurt anywhere, she told him nothing serious. Even gave her back her tablet and the keys to her car. Said what she did (deliver food to hungry soldiers) is not a crime, even if she did it for the other side.

He released her, and even assigned several armed men to protect her and her husband and daughter, while they remained in DNR territory. Those bodyguards then escorted them, and their 3 cats and dog to the border of the rebel held area.

????? ???????: ???? ? ?????? - ??????, ?? ????????? ? ???, ??? ????...

Good to know there are still some good men (Khodakovsky) left there.

Why do others turn into such monsters, animals though???

I mean, Zaur, Alan Mamiev, he who promised to gut her with his knife, after raping her...

This is an educated, sophisticated man, not some rural trash, this guy was a TV journalist, one of the most famous political talk show hosts in Ossetia, before went to fight as a volunteer, "Replica with Alan Mamiev", everyone watched him

How does a man change this way? Or was he always like that, just hid it well???
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May 2014
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Holy shit… I am glad that she was saved the next morning…..

That is an Interesting question…..

I think that men see other men act like animals, and think that this is how they are supposed to act….

I think to fight in some wars, that SOME MEN, NOT ALL….. have to turn OFF their humanity, just to get through it….

War is hard and it is NOT easy to kill other humans….
Aug 2014
Sounds like she took more of a beating from the other women than she did from any of the men - Women can sure be animals sometimes!

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Jul 2011
[MENTION=25837]justagurlinseattle[/MENTION], yes, war has that influence on people. Desensitizes to violence and death. Stripps them of their humanity, like you say... And constant propaganda in Russia that all Ukrainians who don't support the separatists are fascists and Nazis and God knows what else, feeds that also. I read what Mamiev, for example, writes on his social pages, "We are here finishing the work of our grandparents, eliminating the Nazis for good." Many others, Slavic and Caucasian volunteers, are convinced they are fighting against the equally hated West/NATO. One Russian reporter was at a rebel outpost manned by ethnic Russian fighters apparently from Voronezh, and Chechens, asked all of them, who are you fighting here? All answered as one: America...

[MENTION=26248]Hal 9000[/MENTION], true, women can be crazy also. The one going at her in those photos, she has since been identified, she is a natal nurse at the local hospital. She delivers babies for a living! What can bring out such rage in someone like that... Maybe she lost a loved one to Ukrainian bombs, who knows...