Where the heck are the Muslim haters?

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Jun 2006
Hey, Muslim haters?

Wake up!

17 beheaded at party in bloody Afghan day - Yahoo! News Canada

We've had thread after thread after thread of every single half-baked, rumour-fueled, half-imagined indiscretion on the part of blacks or muslims that can possibly be scoured off the internet... all building this case against darkl skin and Muslims and alerting us to the victimization of whites and christians.

This website could have been named "Muslims behaving badly" or "when coloureds attack" over the last few months.

Now the Taliban have beheaded a dozen perfectly innocent civillians in cold blood for the crime of DANCING....

...and where the chorus line?

Finally... finally after all this time there's an actual event. A real one that actually occurred.... and the gallery is silent.

Did I miss the threads on this?
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Apr 2011
Under your skin
I think you are the first to post this story. I think people have come to expect this sort of thing so it is not really a surprise.

I DID hear that it isn't what it appears to be. The incident was actually a session of the "Hokey Pokey" that went terribly wrong.

"You put your head in.........."

And that's what its all about!
Dec 2006
In the Witness Protection Program
My local radio station reported that the beheadings were "an attempt to disrupt the party" - Not to point too fine a point on things, but I'm pretty sure they succeeded in their "attempt"
Feb 2010
between Moon and NYC

A couple more US troops were murdered by Afghan soldiers they were training yesterday ("insiders" is the new term).

Its a fucked up place to be. Imagine handing a supposed "ally" a weapon not knowing if he is going to be using it on you. The pattern just keeps getting worse....

"The deaths in Laghman province brought to 12 the number of foreign soldiers killed this month, prompting NATO to increase security against insider attacks, including requiring soldiers to carry loaded weapons at all times on base.

"There have been 33 insider attacks so far this year that have led to 42 coalition deaths. That is a sharp increase from 2011, when, during the whole year, 35 coalition troops were killed in such attacks, 24 of whom were American."

Two U.S. troops killed by rogue Afghan soldier - chicagotribune.com
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