Where Was The 'Woodwork' During Obama's Elections?

Apr 2019
The kluckers and the skkkin heads have always been there. Always will be most likely. However with a Democrat in office, and a black one at that, they kept their heads down. There aren't enough of them to stop an Obama from getting elected. Even in the south, where I grew up, the worst of them are the minority. Obama was already accused of using the IRS to audit conservative 503 groups. The real klan wasn't about to stick their heads up and draw attention to themselves. The last thing they wanted was the gubmint to notice em and come lookin' round !!

Trump has for what ever reason emboldened them. They feel like they can come out of hiding and show their face with little serious repercussion. They are still a minority, its' just for what ever reason they feel like it's currently OK to crawl out form under their rocks and, like roaches in the dark, sneak out from behind the baseboards they usually cower behind.

As for the Tea Party ......
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Hmmm....Are mostly all political forums ran by the Tea Party? Most have rules that you type in English only.
Jun 2014
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I'm going to have to take issue with the word "predominately". I'd go with somewhat and even at that it has since been pretty much proven to be fraudulent.

I agree that the Tea Party movement was predominantly political, but it really had nothing whatsoever to do with fiscal conservatism.
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For over 25 years Hillary had been dragged through the mud by right wing political operatives and since most people don't pay particularly close attention to news and current events and politics, so many people had a vague feeling from all that crap about Hillary over the years that when you take into account that and the email bullshit during so much of the campaign and then add in the bullshit the Russians were spreading all over social media about her, especially in the swing states, enough people bought it that she's the one who is corrupt and some of those people didn't vote at all and some voted for Trump.

As for the KKK and the neo-Nazis and white supremacists, their numbers grew in response to Obama's election. Then Trump came along and gave them permission to fly their racist flag. They became more visible. These kinds of people were there during Obama's time, but they felt they couldn't be as in your face as they have been under Trump.
Jan 2016
No I don't have a link, I just want to discuss something that is periodically on my mind.

Theory: Trump brought all the racists, fascists, KKK, white supremacists out of the wood work. Don't ask me who said this specifically, but it has been said a lot.

If that is true, then how did Obama win? Where were those people to help prevent a black Democrat from winning... twice?
Wouldn't that be their go-to time to march?

I understand the Tea Party existed but that was predominately political by fiscal conservatives.

I'll be happy to discuss the silly notion that the Tea Party was primarily motivated by fiscal conservatism.

If that were true, then howcum that Tea Party has simply up and disappeared, even though the national debt is soaring, and will easily surpass $23 TRILLION before the end of this calendar year?


During the Obama years, we were treated to an endless parade of truly nutty Tea Party candidates. Since you live in Colorado, perhaps you remember Dan Maes, the Republican candidate for Governor in 2010. Definitely a Tea Party guy. He was worried about bicycles. He thought bicycles were a sinister United Nations plot to undermine American sovereignty. There was a Tea Party candidate in Missouri who claimed that women had "special secretions" that would prevent them from getting pregnant when they were raped. Another Tea Party candidate from Ohio said that if women did get pregnant, anyhow, after being raped, that it was "a gift from God". You had Christine O'Donnell, a Tea Party candidate in Delaware, whose big concern was masturbation. It was funny when she felt obliged to come out and announce that she was "not a witch", after confessing that she had "dabbled in witchcraft" as a teenager.

I could go on, you know. There were PLENTY of Tea Party candidates who were just plain NUTTY, John.

Fiscal conservatism was simply NOT the main factor motivating the Tea Party. Their concerns about that vanished the moment that Barack Obama left office.


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Trump ran as a blatant racist, and it worked. It worked by allowing him to win some rust belt states that would usually go to the Democrats by the skin of his teeth.

It's not really complicated. You know what happened. You watched it with your own two eyes.
Where were these racists when the "not so fiscal conservative... racists..." like the Tea Party formed?

They had an effect on Obama, but not like we see today. "Racists everywhere."


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I understand. I just blew your claim to finely-grained smithereens, right in front of your nose.

Not surprising that you don't want to discuss it.

You're probably busily trying to repair the damage to your nose.
Nah I don't read your posts.