Where's the Mueller report Today?

Mar 2019
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Democrats will be trying to impeach trump some other way. Mueller didn’t work out for them like they said


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Jul 2007
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The Democrats have the report and what's in it may well be included in the articles of impeachment.
Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
Mueller explained fully that he did nor exonerate Trump. And confirmed that Trump lied his ass off in his written responses when Mueller testified before congress. You Trump Minions call it a win because the House didn't move right that moment to impeach Trump. But like another poster explained, that 400 page report was too legal, too complex and too detailed to easily be explained to the public. Trump's entire Presidency has been run like a mob family. When GOP Senators start getting enough feedback that they think their jobs are threatened, they will throw Trump under the bus in a heartbeat, just like they did Nixon.
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Nov 2014
Thank your boy, Billy Barr for that save...another one that needs to be impeached...
Billy Bar did not save Trump.. Trump not colluding Saved Trump.

when the IG report appears there are going to be a lot of Obama staff and Cabinet members with puckered rectums.
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Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
You can rest assured there are plenty of Leftist Extremist out there who still believe the Mueller Report convicted the Presdient and reinstated Queen Cankle's to her thrown.
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