Which generation are you?

Which generation do you belong to?

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Jun 2010
South Florida
yearly bump!

this PH poll tracks with the official census.. the BBoomers numbers dwarf all the other generations.

Anyhooos bomping for our new members :)

The Man

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Jul 2011
I guess I'm one of those Millennials or whatever. People who grew up in the 90s and early 2000s. But, I don't have much in common with them. Millennials are supposed to be computer whizs, having come of age along with all the IT high tech craze. But, I grew up without internet or cell phones, and still am no more tech savvy than many senior citizens around here where we live lol Plus, Millennials are supposed to be all liberal, but I don't always agree with that school of thought either. :smiley-shrug:

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