Whistleblower Lawyer In January 2017: ‘Coup Has Started,’ ‘Impeachment Will Follow’

Nov 2016
You know what would really be a coup attempt? If trump were to refuse to vacate the White House after either being voted out by the Senate in an impeachment vote, or defeated in an election. I wouldn’t put it past him to try if it comes to that.
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Mar 2007
I call bull shit. According to Don Jr, Drudge had the name first. We don't even know if it's correct as the WB's lawyer is not commenting one way or the other.
And that is consistent with every single one of these propaganda campaigns. Look for a starting point that has even a hint of impropriety, line up your assets, invent a narrative, collude with your media assets, ignore the gaping holes in your story and promote the talking points. Honestly, the real evil in all of this is the compliant press that goes along with it all. The Whistle blower has been an obvious smoke screen from the start, but when the press does not confront the lies and actually reinforces them, there is no motive for politicians to give a hoot about the truth. And despite what you will say in response to this, it is a pattern. I don't blame pols for acting like the snakes they are. But when the press just gives up and aligns with pols, we are in serious trouble.

The kabal just replaces the old talking point with new ones, but they keep getting weaker and weaker. Trump as Putin's puppet (dead and gone); Trump as obstructer of justice (why isn't that enough to Impeach if you think it's actually true?; Trump as enabler of a rapist to the Supreme Court (OMG, what an insane dog and pony show that was); Trump as a commander in chief whom you are now claiming can't put the squeeze on foreign governments when it comes to giving them aide ( weak tea; the public not only doesn't care, at least half of them approve).

Your movable feast is reaching the aperitif stage. Enjoy the after dinner drinks because this is getting really old.


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Jul 2014
I'm not for sure who outed Eric Ciaramella first.

I heard on the radio it was Adam Schitt's website first but, has since been taken down.

Either way .... it's irrelevant now.
LOL - you heard it on the radio.

Pretty sure Adam Schiff, being a seasoned lawyer and all, would not do that.

Looks like you fell for fake news again!!
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Oct 2013
Upstate New York
Here's the tweet:

Sounds to me like he's referring to Trump firing Yates as a "coup". I mean why would anyone actually planning a coup tweet about it to Jake Tapper?
Also looks to me like this Zaid person is nothing more then a civilian, who has no official ties to the US Government, simply giving his viewpoint which is protected by the first amendment.
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Jul 2007
So. Md.
A. He did not hear the call.B. He reported gossip.C. He was planted to SPY on the President and his staff. D. He is a yellow bellied coward afraid to stand up and back up his BS. E. He colluded with Traitor Schiff. Reasons enough? Eric Ciaramella is the Rats name.
But Congress has heard sworn testimony from eyewitnesses who corroborate what was in the original WB's complaint. They back up what is in the complaint. He/she most certainly did not collude with Schiff.
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