Whitaker, new acting AG, public Trump defender & Mueller detractor--must RECUSE himself. (Member of RW Koch funded group to attack DEMS)

Jul 2015
History repeats itself....
There are so many parallels, it's scary. But even NIXON wasn't a billionaire trying my to continue to make money, protect his assets and stop the investigation OF a hostile foreign power who got him elected and who was his 'lender of choice'.

Now that one, no could make up.
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Mar 2010
BTW this Whitaker guy looks and acts like a lackey and ass kisser if I ever saw one. And not too bright if he decides to go along with the charade and get swept up in potentially illegal activities. He could be playing with fire and get burned. If so I hope he gets burned badly.

Anybody notice a lot of people that have been close to Trump got burned and thrown under the bus by Trump?
Sep 2014
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I'm sorry but that is just too DUMB to answer. I will say I was 22-23 during Watergate. I've understand ever since, "the independence of the judiciary".

Civics 101.
Um, he is not part of the judiciary. He is part of the Executive Branch.....so is an Independent Council.

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Jul 2011
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from what I'm hearing and reading Whitaker is no dummy. Trump might think he's there to do his bidding but Whitaker may have other ideas. The Justice Department could make his career if he handles this right. If he doesn't it could be the biggest mistake he's ever made in his life.

He seems like a smart guy even though I don't like his politics. He'd be a fool to think he could go up against the seasoned professionals at the Justice Department and come out on top. Running his mouth on cable news is one thing. Actually, implementing policies or acting on those conspiracies theories, as the acting top law enforcement official of the land, is quite another.

Trump just doesn't seem to understand that he's no match for Mueller or the Justice Department. He doesn't seem to get that he can't acquisition the WH like it's a piece of real estate. The United States is not his personal property to do with what ever he conjures up in his twisted little mind. They will end his presidency and likely put him or the people he cares most about in jail. In fact, Trump is so stupid he doesn't seem to realize that all he's done is give Mueller another witness for an obstruction case. A witness that ultimately he has no control over.
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