White supremacy and white nationalism have re-entered our political conversation. But what do they mean?

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Jul 2011
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He's also a leftist activist. It says so in his bio that I posted.
you mean this?
Johnson's second manuscript, We Testify with Our Lives: Black Power and the Ethical Turn in Politics, explores the decline of Afro-Christianity in the post-civil rights era and the increasing efforts among African American leftists to imagine ethics and human rights activism as necessary extensions of, and possibly challenges to, political liberalism, pragmatism and liberal public philosophies rooted in individualism, neutrality and exceptionalism.
Thanks for providing such a vital contribution to the topic.:cool:
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Jan 2014
actually, he looks like an expert. A graduate of Morehouse College, Johnson received his M.Div. from Harvard Divinity School and Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Brown University.
The watchman,

Interesting, so he a an expert in religious studies? Why didn't they quote Dr. William Gamble, PhD in Structural Engineering, Professor Emeritus, U Illinois, Urbana, Fellow at the American Concrete institute, and lifetime member of ASCE? He's an expert in Structural Design.
Oct 2019
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It's so wonderful that we have so many "experts" in the field of race to enlighten us.
Mar 2019
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And also, it's okay to be white. That doesn't mean you're a racist.