White Supremacy: Like Manna to the Left

Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
Wow.. You actually believe that, don't you. How sad.

The SPLC is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society. Using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy, the SPLC works toward the day when the ideals of equal justice and equal opportunity will be a reality.

About Us
Wow.. You actually believe that, don't you. How sad.

I wonder what Leo Johnson what think of such an ignorant comment.
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Apr 2014
The liberal commie infested, queer loving north ea
The SPLC is a Hate Group.

Does it surprise you that our Leftist friends would use Hate Groups as a source?

It's par for the course.
If you want to call the SPLC a hate group for hating, and fighting hate, go right ahead. All hate is not equal. That is like saying the mugging victim who fights back against their attacker is equally guilty of violence.
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Feb 2010
And such a good job you're doing too.
People are solving real human problems...by opening fire at Wally Mart.

That's your take on things eh? I suppose the proof of this is the rumors that he hires illegals?
No, the "proof" is his attempts to do business around the world. Duh.
Lizzy Warren is promoting her new Economic Patriotism. Its quite Nationalist. Is she full of bullshit too?
You ASSUME for reasons unknown, that Trump is part of Globalism, yet everything he's done in office, and the fact that he calls himself a Nationalist, strongly suggest otherwise.
We need assume nothing. We know everything we need to know about Trump. He's not anything except a manipulative prick who's in it for himself.
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Apr 2014
Oh Lord, your SPLC map lists The Remembrance Project as a "hate group," while in fact, it's a site that provides a "voice for victims killed by illegal aliens."

The Remembrance Project

And Truthintextbooks.com is an org. whose mission is to:

To provide the children of America the most accurate and informative social studies books possible.
To accomplish this mission TNT has set these goals:

  • 100% accuracy in identifying errors and corrections

  • Identify misstatements of fact, notable omissions, imbalances and/or opinions disguised as facts

  • Provide the correct information based upon scholarly, recognizable references and research

  • Provide feedback to public officials and publishers

  • Inform the public of our findings

  • Recruit, select, train 300-500 citizen volunteers to be certified social studies textbook reviewers.

  • Provide a website for others to post reviews of social studies textbooks in order to have a single depository of these reviews

TNT’s Mission

These aren't hate groups.

Those are just TWO the many on that stupid map. SPLC is a discredited piece of junk.
SPLC is as discredited as the New York Times......and anything else that gives facts. I am sure there’s a KKK paper that would report the facts
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