White Supremacy: Like Manna to the Left

Jul 2011
“Stay Down”
Again, you seem incapable of having a rational covo without throwing a bunch of insults.

Will just leave this here

Members of the now-defunct white supremacist group Rise Above Movement were sentenced in Charlottesville, Va.
JULY 22, 2019

11:57 AM
Three members of a white supremacist group that prosecutors said engaged in violence at political rallies in Huntington Beach and elsewhere have been sentenced to prison for their roles in provoking violence at a deadly far-right rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017.

3 members of white power group linked to H.B. violence are sentenced for roles in Charlottesville, Va., riot

I have no idea why you seem so "obsessed" by how many there are. They are violent people who carry out attacks all the time.

Which again, is why, the FBI are very, very " concerned" about that.

Shut your flame baiting jenn.

So you are counting “now defunct” as active? You should work for the splc.
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Incorrect. You've got a PC stick shoved so far up your butt that people see wood every time you open your ignorant pie hole. Sad.
Wow..you’re really letting me know I’m getting to you..Lol..sinking to this kind of language borders on hysteria. Chill! I’m going to ignore you for a week or so because you’re just to emotional bye