White terrorists attack minority reporter.

Mar 2019

The Man

Former Staff
Jul 2011
Well, that's what they're paid to do.
You know, I was familiar with some Russian antiFA guys back in Moscow; as an ethnic minority over there, we would seek out such guys, at school and such, by their red shoelaces, which were their ID (and still are, I'm told), as they were our allies against the various skinhead gangs who wanted to attack us; those guys I remember were very different from antiFA here in the West...

Over there, they are warriors.

Literally, them and the skins would wage war on each other, try to catch one another in some back alley, preferably in superior numbers, as this TV drama show, antiFAs here catch three skinheads who were going to attack a black foreign student from Africa near a university
It's brutal, over there. People get killed.

The most badass dude I ever knew, Ivan Khutorskoi, they called him "Kostolom" ("Bonecrusher" lol) on the streets, pro MMA fighter, famous leader in Moscow AntiFA, who lived in my apartment building and got me enrolled in his fighting club

He was shot and killed by skinhead bastards right outside that apartment building in 2009, three years after I left for Canada... I was devastated when someone from back there told me. That dude was a close friend to me...

But, yeah, very different, over there. When I moved to Canada, and later, after finishing high school, went to college here, I met some Canadian AFAs too. Even dated one girl associated with them haha Don't get me wrong, she was hot, and, not to get all TMI, but the sex was amazing lmao But, when I saw these skinny little hipster boys, and then recalled, again, the guys I knew back in Moscow, the fighters... Jesus... I did not understand these people...