'Whitey' Bulger prison letters: Love for Trump, disdain for Mueller


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Sep 2014
Well, maybe. I am not from Cleveland and so I bow to your superior knowledge.

Wasn't true in upstate NY, where I grew up, or anywhere in Michigan apart from Detroit.
My Dad was in the trucking industry. He wasn't a Teamster but he had an agreement with them and was pretty friendly. We used to hang out on Saturdays when I was a kid. He would go into work a few hours then we would go shopping, out to lunch and visit with his Teamster buddies. We used to go to the same bar where Hoffa disappeared. I probably sat on the same bar stool sipping my Shirley Temples. LOL There were lots of old mobsters that hung around there. My Dad and his friend started a trucking company together and I used to work there after school, filing and answering phones in the summer and on breaks. His friend starting building office complexes with the Mob and it was not unusual to see them all the time meeting with him. We never thought nothing about it. They managed to build up the I 275 corridor with office buildings. Later on, I was engaged to a autoworker who was the plant bookie. He was Italian and his family was heavily into the trades. I grew up around them.

In Cleveland, I think the last of the mob died during the Dimora corruption. He was elbow deep in the mob.

Jimmy Dimora faces questioning about Carbone, Calabrese roles in Ameritrust Building debacle - cleveland.com
Feb 2011
The formerly great golden state
No. I mean the following Trump might have among serial killers and other nutters is not worthy of discussion.
You may have a good point there.

But what about the other part, the hypothetical that Trump admiring Bolger, would that make a difference?

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