'Whitey' Bulger prison letters: Love for Trump, disdain for Mueller

Jan 2018
Plamer Earth
It is hard for me to think that Trump did not have "dealings" with organized crime in his past. And it's interesting to think that his past misdeeds may give him a unique insight to other people's misdeeds."Catch me if you can" and "It takes a thief" come to mind. There are undoubtedly people carrying out misdeeds in Washington that would rather deal with a less savvy opponent.


Apr 2010
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Mr. Moderator that pisses his knickers because he doesn't like his idol being called out and tries to dictate what members should post.
You can post whatever idiotic thread you want. Then I'll be along to point out how stupid it is and then you'll throw a tantrum.
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It's a flame bait thread. So that's what you get.
Again, not my fault you're frustrated defending an idiot.
That's all on you, but I get it.
You cultists need a scratching post.
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May 2019
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As valuable as Bulger's input is to the national discourse, I'm going to wait until Ted Kaczynski weighs in.

I'm sure that he's given it some thought.

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