Who would you pick? (Nixon vs Trump)

Nixon or Trump for president?

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Aug 2006
If Nixon got us into a war he knew we could not win & we lost 10k men & women per month as he refused to end it for fear of political backlash then I might consider changing it to trump but I doubt it.

Nixon took office in 1969, we had already been in Vietnam for years and about 36 of the 58 thousand troops had already been lost. I fail to see how you are apparently blaming him for "getting us into" that war.

I wasn't blaming Nixon for getting the US into the war, I was addressing the poll question and trying to ground my answer in reality rather than a hypothetical where Trump inherited Vietnam
Jun 2013
Not a huge fan of Bill Maher, but occasionally he says some things that are spot on.........Here, his comparison of Trump and Nixon.....and his recognition of Trump's NPD.