Who would you rather have? Trump or Pence as President

Who would you rather have for President right now?

  • Trump

  • Pence

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Oct 2018
Can I write in my vote for Nancy Pelosi?

(Considering how the process works to put her in that seat, I'm pulling for Pelosi to get there though honest channels)
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Oct 2018
We need Trump.

He has the balls to stand up against some of the wacko Left ideas. Which we badly need right now.

Pence in 2024

Waco ideas...
Like accepting the country will be getting health insurance...
like..All citizens paying their fair share IN TAXES,
Like 'lets address our roads...our highways..etc
Like Accepting our FARMERS need experience works to bring in crops,America doesn't produce people who CAN work in the fields. We, unlike people from South America, did not take our first steps in a corn field. - so a revamped immigration approach is much needed. Where do you think these people are headed - They don't speak English...

And their Waco ideas that fascism has clearly taken hold in this country.

Man will not die from a bang...but a whimper.
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