Whut Is An American Conservative?

Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
Whut are the core beliefs of American conservatives? I thought they were:

1. Smaller government is better. State and local governments deliver better services than the federal government, for far less money.

2. America first. Our workers, our businesses, our borders. We are not the world policeman.

3. Certain institutions and people working within them deserve respect, as a rule. The U.S. military, our police and fire forces, religious leaders, teachers, health care workers.

4. Government policies should support marriages, families and children. Those policies should not encourage destructive behaviors like opioid drug taking, gambling, careless spending and excessive debt, etc.

Are these still the fundamentals of American conservatives? Did I state them correctly?

Your thoughts?
Mar 2015
Mad Prophet
Conservatives don't like to spend money the they don't have. They don't accept what is not acceptable and they don't feel a need to apologize for who they are, were or who they aspire to be.

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Sep 2011
OK, this is getting monotonous.....
Some people like to equate Stalinist "socialism" with Hitler's "Fascism."

Now, BOTH were fascism, sick of hearing the bogus false equivalency.

Let's drag this out in the open, modern conservatism= fascism, I feel sorry most of all for those "moderates" that were left there at the gate.

Again... whatever happened to "peer pressure"?

Here, for those in another thread who "just don't get it."


Thx :popcorn:
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