Why Are Democrats Refusing to View The Lesser Redacted Mueller Report

Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
Nov 2018
Bel Air, MD
The Democrats want to make a big deal out of everything Trump. They feel that if they whine long and hard enough, people will listen. Nadler is trying to make a name for himself, and because he has Trump Derangement Syndrome, he will keep demanding more and more things, because somehow Mueller missed all of the important stuff.

Democrats are attacking Barr because they know he is going after them. They know their day is coming and they are in panic mode.
Nov 2015
The Lesser Redacted Mueller Report is only 0.1% Redacted.

Two full sentences and 7 partial sentences.

Can any of our Leftist friends offer an explanation of why NOT ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT has viewd the Lesser Redacted Report?



C'mon ......

We all know the answer.

You guys can do it ......

Mueller Report: Democrats Have Access to Almost All of Volume II | National Review

Even if they get the full report to read, they still won't because it doesn't say what they want it to say.