Why are we so polarized?

Mar 2019
Joe Flacco is most definitely the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos this year. Some people are wondering why Kevin Hogan is the current backup QB. Some wonder if prized rookie Drew Lock should not be the backup------but he doesn't look ready to me, still has FAR too much to learn, as he is in a very different and vastly more complex offense than he was at Missouri. But our current 4th-string QB, Brett Rypien, just might be better than both Hogan and Lock.

Anyway, Joe is the guy until he gets injured and goes down, or starts losing game after game. If that happens, they might turn it over to Drew Lock shortly after mid-season.

But Joe looked good in his first preseason action at the Seattle Seahawks, moved the Broncos right down the field against their #1 defense, though he had to settle for a field goal when a WR dropped a pass.
Only Super Bowl I saw Denver in was against DALLAS. (hehe)
Feb 2018
Why is it that US voters are so divided just now? The last time there was such political rancor and division was in the late '60s, early '70s, and that was over just one issue. Now, bipartisanship has gone the way of the dodo and the fiscal conservative, gone, extinct, dead. Why?

I think it is because we have so much information to choose from. We can listen to only so much, read only so much, and so we tend to pay attention to sources that confirm our biases. That solidifies our opinions and makes us believe that people with the opposite opinions are not simply misinformed, but also stupid, or perhaps evil and duplicitous.

Confirmation bias. We see it here on PHW, we see it in everyday life. If someone wears a MAGA hat, the non Trumpers don't just think, "There's someone who has the opposite opinion of mine," but all too many want to strike out verbally or even physically. We speak of fake news, of socialists taking over, of Fascism, of Communists taking over (shades of the '50s!) instead of Republicans think this, Democrats believe that. The other side doesn't just have an opposite opinion, they're evil and anti American.

Confirmation bias and too much information to process. That's the problem.
I agree with much of your post and will add that IMO, identity politics play a huge role in the huge division these days. For instance, politicians on the left separate people by assigning labels that will never allow our nation to heal anytime in the near future.
May 2013
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Flacco is cool. It'd be a shame to sit him.

Guy's a proven winner, but only as good as the team around him which is true of almost all QB's. I remember watching him damned near beat us (the Vikings) as a rookie when we were like 15-1 or something (the year we got the Bounty Bowl fucking). I've highly respected him ever since.
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Nov 2015
I have friends, both on Facebook and in the real world, who think Trump is the best thing since sliced bread. I don't talk politics with them, of course. If you read my posts, you know I'm not exactly a Trump supporter.

It's best to talk politics on an anonymous bulletin board, like this one. I never post political stuff on Facebook, and only bring up the subject in person when I'm sure others will agree.

Some of my trumper friends probably think I agree with them. Let them think that.
Politics and religion divide so as you say, it's best to let off steam on such applicable forums and avoid those conversations on Facebook and at the BBQ with neighbours etc..

We all have different wants and beliefs and a democracy should allow people to vote for the person/party that we wish. Violence and name calling is childish. People who can control their emotions and don't react to red hat's, rainbow t-shirts, vagina costumes etc.. are the better person, imo.
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Oct 2011
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I can't be friends with a Trump supporter or defender. Racism is the lowest form of ignorance. Why would I want to be friends with someone who supports a racist. Would you have supported George Wallace? How about Hitler?

We are at the point where we may only accept immigrants if they've got money. You know, like Melania's parents. What an insult to the history of this great nation.

It's pretty simple, it comes down to one thing.

Mar 2019
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I can't be friends with a Trump supporter or defender. Racism is the lowest form of ignorance. Why would I want to be friends with someone who supports a racist. Would you have supported George Wallace? How about Hitler?
I'll still be your friend even if you won't be mine.

Also, Trump is not a racist.

Would I support Hitler? No I wouldn't

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