Why are we so polarized?


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Dec 2006
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People with my worldviews as a vast majority built this nation. Not Leftist cultural Marxist worldviews
You just can't contain your hatred. Hell, I bet you can't even see it.
Yep, you prove what I said.
Nov 2015
I can't be friends with a Trump supporter or defender. Racism is the lowest form of ignorance. Why would I want to be friends with someone who supports a racist. Would you have supported George Wallace? How about Hitler?

We are at the point where we may only accept immigrants if they've got money. You know, like Melania's parents. What an insult to the history of this great nation.

It's pretty simple, it comes down to one thing.
Should that not be the case? I did an immigration test to New Zealand, one question was how much I could take and a quicker way was to set up a business employing x number of employees, the more you could employ, the much better chance of gaining a visa. So the likes of New Zealand want immigration to BENEFIT New Zealand.

Rather than taking in social problems, they want immigration to work for New Zealand so you have to be able to support yourself.

I sense you seem to dislike that approach?
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Jun 2014
United States
When you and I were growing up, the two political parties were really MUCH closer to each other, ideologically. The GOP 1956 platform is astonishingly 'progressive', if you read it today. Both Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy were staunch anti-Communists when they ran against each other in 1960.

That's what has changed. Since then, the Republican Party has shifted much further to the right, and the Democrats have shifted at least some distance to the left.

I would say that the Democrats have shifted at least some distance back toward the left.
Jan 2016
Says MSNBC. Guess what? They suck. So does CNN.
You know what? You are giving @ptif219 a real challenge for being: The Most Predictable Poster on Political Hotwire.

I once made him a medal for that, which is still sitting out in my garage, should he ever wish to claim it.

Are you trying to take it away from him?
Jan 2016
Only Super Bowl I saw Denver in was against DALLAS. (hehe)
Surprising fact: The Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots are the only teams in the NFL to LOSE five Super Bowls.

The Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills have each lost FOUR Super Bowls------four in a row, in the case of Buffalo-------but neither of them ever WON a Super Bowl. Denver has won three. Their Super Bowl record is 3-5. I'd say that's much better than 0-4.
Jan 2016
Guy's a proven winner, but only as good as the team around him which is true of almost all QB's. I remember watching him damned near beat us (the Vikings) as a rookie when we were like 15-1 or something (the year we got the Bounty Bowl fucking). I've highly respected him ever since.
Broncos think Joe still has some gas in the tank. I believe he is a DEFINITE upgrade over our last few quarterbacks, the likes of Case Keenum, Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, Brock Osweiler. And he has some good young offensive talent around him, with a running back like Phillip Lindsay (the surprise undrafted rookie of last year in the whole league), veteran WR Emanuel Sanders (who seems to be fully recovered from a torn ACL), younger WR Courtland Sutton, and their #1 round draft pick of this year, TE Noah Fant out of Iowa.

The defense looks VERY strong, except for a severe lack of depth.....and maybe superstars......at the ILB position. Broncos will have to fix that in a future draft or trade.

I'm looking forward to the start of the regular season!

If you want to watch Joe, he'll be getting LOTS of time, maybe the first three quarters, in next Monday's night game, when the Broncos will be entertaining the 49ers, and I believe that game is on national TV.