Why Aren't the Democrats Nominating a Woman?


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No .....

But, Leftist women are a breed of their own and Main Street Americans don't exactly connect with the HRC's and the Fauxcahontas' of the Left.
So, what woman on the right do you think could connect with Main Street? Enough to win a presidential election.
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Jul 2013
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Give it time, it is way too early to jump to conclusions, wait until after the first round of debates at least
Well we need to get that drum roll going. Like last time.
Vote for MIchelle based on what?
The fact that she has actually spent 24 hours/7days / 12 months/4 years involved with and around an actual president in a capacity that was more than just hosting dinners for visiting dignitaries. She wouldn't even need to go to the WH orientation.
Jun 2013
I would vote for Michelle Obama in a heartbeat. Harris would be wasted as a president but would make a great AG. Warren is fine where she is at and I don't know enough about Amy yet.

I agree and I would add that it should be the best candidate running, woman or man, not because they are a woman or man. We are long overdue for a woman to lead our nation, but equality seems to be about not putting ourselves first because of race, sex, creed, religion, but considering all things, but those, for the most part. Certainly there are issues that people of certain religions, genders, creeds and races are going to better relate to. Those of a certain creed or religion are going to look for someone that understands and can relate to their own, when it comes to those issues and issues related to it. Where there are issues of concern regarding someone's race, they are going to look for someone that can relate to their own. Generally it is the minorities and/or the downtrodden in these categories that need representation to overcome things like discrimination by majority.

I think it would be a mistake to elect a woman based mostly on the factor that she was a woman, for the same reasons it has been a shame that the same may have been the reason we have not yet had a woman leader, because people are voting for men, mostly because they are men. I have to say the variety of roles and positions, Hillary Clinton had behind her, based on her education, her profession, her role as first lady as a governor and of the nation (the insight from being married to a POTUS), her being a senator from one of the most populous states in the nation, (her winning 79% of the vote in 2016 in the hometown of Donald Trump) he running for President, being defeated then chosen to be SoS by the person that beat her, all gave her experience that not even the males running in 2016 could match, but just as we have seen that this nation still has a long way to go when it comes to attitudes about race, it still has a long way to go with attitudes about treatment of women. especially considering who is currently in the White House.

Neo-republicans have tried for years to run the contradictory idea that Clinton was in bed with the Russians, yet Vladimir Putin seemed to put that straight when in Helsinki, he said he had hoped that Trump would win the election. (what they means as far as their help in getting Trump to win the election goes, we already know about the indictments of Russians from the Mueller probe, we know about Putin being formerly KGB and we know about what "Active Measures" under the KGB and that Putin being KGB. likely knew about "Active Measures" and is using the same or something similar as part of an initiative to replace the U.S. as the global power, by sowing the seeds of division. Whether Trump was aware of this or not, is immaterial to the fact of their interference and how they did it. In any case, there seems sufficient evidence that the Russians wanted Trump to win in 2016 and they likely are still pursuing the same course.

Thus, it is important that once a nominee is selected, there is strong support for that candidate and an agreement that any differences that remain, be worked out once they are in office. This would have to be an agreement between the candidate and any of those of the same base ideology, that still had differences of opinion. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both pledged to work with one another to bring any differences they had, to the table and help forward each others, ideas. Unfortunately, people did not listen to that and Trump became the result and instead of anything moved forward, a lot has been set back.
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