Why Christian conservatives supported Trump — and why they might regret it

Dec 2015
In Your Heart!
Why Christian conservatives supported Trump — and why they might regret it
“Because I’m a Christian, I'm able to say that Christian people can be idiots."
By Sean Illing

"Author Stephen Mansfield tries to answer this question in his new book, Choosing Donald Trump. Mansfield is a conservative Christian who did not support Trump, but he does his best to understand the wager his fellow Christians made when they threw their lot in with Trump."
"He argues that religious conservatives knew Trump was flawed but took a chance on him anyway. Tired of establishment Republicans and weary of the Obama years, they were willing to roll the dice on a guy they thought could deliver on a few crucial issues, namely handing over the Supreme Court to pro-life justices."
"But I also think they recognize that there are pro-life Democrats, that Democrats may be closer to the teachings of Jesus when it comes to the poor. So perhaps they’ll want to be in the middle and be able to choose and not just reflexively pull a switch for Republicans."


That is correct. Not every Democrat is Pro Abortion. Just like not every Republican is for each and every item that the Republican Party stands for. Democrats indeed emulate the teachings of Jesus Christ much more so than Republicans ever could or would. Jesus was not ever thinking about the bottom line in terms of dollars before helping the poor. He did so with a very loving heart and a wonderful mind filled with pure intention. Yet Republicans like to say they are more aligned with Jesus than are Democrats which is false.

What matters is to feed the hungry in this nation and there are millions otherwise they will starve. Likewise, to Love Your Neighbor As Yourself as Jesus taught us we must do. In that regard, Republicans fail miserably. Yet they could change their stance at any time they were predisposed to do so. However, it doesn't appear very likely that they ever will. As for those who voted for Trump, including Democrats and Independents, not fully stopping to think of the dire implications of having Trump stack the court with right-wing Justices you may very well come to regret that soon enough!