Why is it bad to suggest that we dump the illegal aliens in sanctuary cities?

Feb 2015
Lol, you made the denotation of color not me.

You do know most “brown people” come here legally, right? I support expanding legal immigration.

You people try to blurr the lines dishonestly between the two then crack that any disagreement to your view is racist.

Thats dumb as fuck, yo...

why is it no one gets .....supporting legal immigration..... and not supporting illegals?
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Jul 2011
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Maybe "dumping" human beings anywhere is a bad thing by itself. Maybe most people don't have to have that explained to them.

You seem over hysterical by my choice of words. My bad, can a mod change my thread title?

Please change dump to “serenely transport these poor angels”....

Is that better? Id hate for you to be so emotional.
Nov 2018
You started by asking a dishonest question in post #96. I answered in post #97, the only reasonable answer possible. Then you proceeded to interrogate (sealioning) me. The interrogation’s over. You blew it with your original dishonest question, so you have no standing to beat on me for refusing to play along with your sick sealioning game.
Once again, you have proven to be dishonest.