Why is Trump asking Russia for advice?


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Nov 2009
Russia Blames Dems, Cheers Kim After Trump’s Korea Summit Fail

When Donald J. Trump headed for Hanoi last week, he wasn’t listening to American intelligence officers and diplomats telling him there was nothing much to be gained at this point from a summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

Maybe he was listening to Russian President Vladimir Putin encouraging him to give it a shot.
Days before the get-together, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov revealed that Washington has been asking Russia for its input and advice, consulting with the Kremlin prior to both U.S. summits with Kim in 2018 and 2019. Last year, Putin publicly praised Trump’s initial decision to meet with Kim as “courageous and mature.”
Why listen to Russia and ignore his own agencies?
Jan 2019
He has been doing this since he took office. Remember his speech at the CIA.

Then the day after he fired Comey he had the Russians in the Oval Office and leaked sensitive intel from Iseral.

Obviously not normal.
Because he is Vladimir Putin's puppet, exactly as Hillary Clinton said he would be?

Oh. Was that a rhetorical question?
Hillary is a fine one to talk. What was that RESET BUTTON all about?


Jul 2014
I was responding to Big Leroy. But in regard to the subject. As they say you don't sit back and do nothing like Obama was good at. Appeared Kim didn't want to deal so Trump walked away.

LOL - again the topic is why is he taking Russia's advice about NK?

Second time he has got NOTHING from them.


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Nov 2009
Hillary is a fine one to talk. What was that RESET BUTTON all about?
Is Hillary president? Is she in the government anywhere? No? So, whether its true or not has nothing to do with Trump disregarding his intelligence agencies advice and asking Russia instead. This fucking idiot may or may not have colluded before... but what the hell is he doing now, if he is getting his foreign policy strategy from the God damned Kremlin?


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Feb 2010
Where'm I At, Doe?
A lot of you are probably too young to remember this, but there was an SNL skit in the 80s where Gorbachev had an American presser/town hall and the american audience kept asking whether he'd be interested in taking over the United States. and here we are, decades later, with life finally imitating art.