Why there is no #MeToo in Russia...

The Man

Former Staff
Jul 2011
Was just reading an interview with glamorous Russian actress Irina Bezrukova

She talked about how, years ago, a guy, a prominent director in Russian cinema, rather crudely propositioned her during a project they collaborated on. She was already married, she says, and "I am a simple Southern woman" (she is from Rostov), so, long story short, when the fellow "allowed himself much more than he should have", she ended up slapping him across the face. In Irina's words, he then "realized his error" and apologized and the matter was put to rest there and then and she and this director, whom she won't identify, went on with their project and continued happily working together on plenty more films and such.

And this is where she displays the Russian view on these things, as opposed to the Western view, when says that men are basically creatures guided by their sexual desires, and it is the woman who, if she wants no part in it, must make sure to clearly make this known. In her case, a slap across the dude's face, probably can't get any clearer than that lmao

Point is, over there, the onus is on women to reject men's advances. And if she does not do so, in a forceful enough way, than she is fair game, so to speak... That is still a prevalent philosophy there, and weaker and more timid women get preyed upon sexually, at work and at home... :(

Bezrukova also rolled her eyes at the #MeToo thing in Hollywood. "Americans are crazy with this stuff", she laughed, "You look at another person the wrong way and they call it harassment..."


My personal favorite part though, is just the headline: "Bezrukov's wife discusses past sexual harassment".

Just like that, word per word. Despite the fact that Irina is an accomplished and well known actress in own right, she is instead identified by who her husband is: Sergey Bezrukov, a very famous Russian actor, star of many movies, and object of desire of millions of women

I see that all the time in the press there, when mentioning women who are married to famous and powerful men, those women often are not even identified by their own name, but the name of their husband. As if she is nothing, worth nothing, on her own. In this case, the headline basically says that, despite her own successful career and whatnot, nobody would give a damn about Irinaand what she has to say, if she wasn't married to Sergey...

That, right there, is the misogyny in action...