Why today’s troops fear a new war is coming soon

Feb 2011
The formerly great golden state
Why today’s troops fear a new war is coming soon

WASHINGTON — Nearly half of all current military troops believe the United States will be drawn into a major war soon, a jarring rise in anxiety among service members worried about global instability in general and Russia and China in particular, according to a new Military Times poll of active-duty troops.
About 46 percent of troops who responded to the anonymous survey of currently serving Military Times readers said they believe the U.S. will be drawn into a new war within the next year. That’s a jarring increase from only about 5 percent who said the same thing in a similar poll conducted in September 2017.
Another 50 percent think the country will not end up in a major conflict during the next year. But that number is falling, down from more than two-thirds of those surveyed last fall who said a war was unlikely.
I hope they're wrong, but they are in a position to know.
Jan 2007
Places like Syria are likely to set things off. Problem is Russia is just as well armed and has plenty of resources to back it up. It's not a Kosovo or Panama. We haven't even finished things in Iraq & Afghanistan.
Sep 2011
Hopefully they (we all) won't feel so much that way after the new Congress takes office.

(or wait... that just might set it off!)

Wait and see if the man-baby has a bunch of golf scheduled in... oh... New Zealand...?

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