Why would Mueller accept a plea deal from Manafort that didn't include cooperation?


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He is facing an effective life sentence for being convicted by a jury.
His incentive for flipping is to get out of jail and have his sentence reduced.
(ie....give us Trump and you'll only spend 6 months-1 year in prison)

His main worry is probably the Russian mafia...in or out of prison.

He's be crazy not to flip!
Ok, I’m thinking he is already facing the life sentence from the get go with the guilty plea.

My faux pas :)


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He can implicate trump, which in itself is huge.
It is about the russian meeting and his son.
We all know the truth already thanks to the Steel dossier.
What does that mean for Trump ?
Trump's ego and paranoia killed him, his family and his business.

The GOP's greed hopefully killed their corrupt party......at least as it currently organized and staffed.

No matter what....vote the gop bastards out of all office on 11/6!
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Yeah, he's looking for two things, a cap on sentencing and to save the costs of a defense in the DC trial. Guesses by experts are somewhere between 8-13 years as a cap. If that's true, that probably means he's given Mueller a lot concerning the Russia part of his investigation. One of the charges he pled to was conspiracy to defraud the US. That charge is tied to money laundering for Russian oligs. I can't imagine that Trump didn't take part in that money grab. Especially since the bulk of the money was initially funneled through Deutche Bank, the very same and ONLY bank that would and did lend to Trump. Manafort will also more than likely have all the answers on the Trump Tower Meeting and the attempt to change the party plank concerning arms to Ukraine and sanctions against Russia for the annexing of the Crimean area.
Mueller already had a lot but this just might be the catalyst to bring charges against the Trump inner circle and Trump himself. Kushner, Ross and Jr must be shitting a brick.
BTW, the way I understand the Manafort deal, Mueller has a bunch o' state charges of bank fraud etc that he can bring if Trump issues a pardon at any time. I don't expect that to happen though. It's not consistent with Severe Narcissistic Disorder. An almost total inability to feel empathy is a big part of that condition.
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