Will former President GW Bush speak at the next GOP nominating convention?

Will Bush speak at the GOP convention?

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Jan 2008
I say he won't even be invited to attend. (neither will Cheney)

The GOP will undoubtedly explain their non-appearance with statements like these: ..... Bush "Doesn't want to steal the spotlight from the nominee" & "Cheney will not be attending due to health concerns."
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Feb 2011
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The Generally Obscene Party will just be obscene anyway the party plays it. Bonsai is a has been and Cheney has proven he has no heart, despite rumors to the contrary.
Jan 2008
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Bush showing up to speak anywhere in America is a dangerous proposition.

I know a LOT of people with nothing to lose and a point to make, yes?

I mean, if that asshole ever shows up in Burbank he's probably not leaving alive (and um... I'll just grab my popcorn and watch, I won't lift a finger to help the guy, there's not even anything I'd need to do or participate in, just watch the whole scene unfold or maybe see it on the evening news or something - the point being there's places like Burbank all over the country, where there is ZERO love for BushCo - and the irony is that Burbank is the headquarters of the southern California Republican Party ;) ).
Jun 2011
It would be impolite for the GOP to not ask.

Reagan spoke at the 1992 GOP Convention, 4 years after he left office:

Jun 2011
Did any former pres's speak at the '96 GOP convention?
Yes: two of them did.

Here was the line up:

August 12, 1996
former President Gerald Ford
former President George H. W. Bush

General Colin Powell
former First Lady Nancy Reagan

August 13
Congressman John Kasich
Congressman J.C. Watts
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
Congresswoman Susan Molinari (keynote address)

August 14
former Vice President Dan Quayle
former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Jeane Kirkpatrick
former Secretary of State James Baker III
Robin Dole (daughter of Bob Dole)
New York Governor George Pataki (nomination of Jack Kemp)
Senator John McCain (nomination of Bob Dole)

August 15
former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Jack Kemp
former Senator Bob Dole

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