Will the Fed Crash the Economy to Defeat Trump?

Feb 2011
The formerly great golden state
So, you don't think the Trump economy is doing well? Most thinking people would disagree with you.

Oh, you probably think that Obama is responsible for the great economy -- Right? So, when Obama asked how Trump was going to wave a magic wand and bring manufacturing jobs back, and then under Trump they have come back, Obama did that, even though Obama said it couldn't be done.
The economy has been on the upswing since 2010. There was no sudden growth spurt when Trump was elected. It's unlikely that Obama or Trump either one had much to do with the economy, and won't unless Trump's tariffs (taxes) start to make things unravel.
Jun 2019
A red welfare state
The point is, and has been proven, is that some of those appointees are working against the man who appointed them, than for him.

Unlike Obama appointees, who were in lock-step with him, some of those appointed by Trump have not been good for his Administration or the country.


President Clown Shoes only surrounds himself with the best. He said so himself.
Nov 2018