Will today's hearing help or hurt Trump's defense at the upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate?

Will today's hearing help or hurt Trump's defense at the upcoming impeachment hearing in the Senate?

  • Help acquit Trump

  • Help convict/remove Trump

  • Make no difference

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Jan 2008
The HOR will be impeaching Trump, so the only question now is will the Senate acquit or remove him?
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Sep 2016
My own world
Democrats are getting creamed.
Are you and I watching the same hearing because I'm watching the Republican House members as totally disinterested in getting to the truth. The Ambassador and the foreign assistance officer are just giving testimony to what they saw, what they did and what they heard and the Republicans
are trying to make them look bad or partisan for doing so. It's quite clear that these two men were alarmed at what they saw as Trump and Giuliani
shaking down Ukraine for AID in determent to US and Ukraine's relationship.
Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Unless something unexpected happens, I think nothing will change. Those that dislike Trump still will and those that like him still will. The few indies/moderates who would like not to vote for Trump are hoping and praying someone else gets nominated that they can vote for since they probably dont like the Ds or the Rs very much. We have had a massive roller coaster ride with Trump and yet his approval is at 42% or so and stable. We all said Charlottesville would end him, then Helsinki, then the Mueller report and now this. It just doesnt seem to effect him at all. I would rather focus on 2020 at this point and getting massive amounts of attention on voting and such and getting the candidates names out. Here in NH, it barely even looks like a primary season at all. No yard signs, not many house parties. Its a troubling sign.


Feb 2011
New York
I voted “makes no diffence”.

I’m going to speculate here. Too many partisans already have their minds made up. Those who may be looking for answers in these inquiries will find nothing less than political theater. I’m reminded of that scene near the end of And Justice For All.

Granted, impeachment hearings are not a criminal trial, but the sentiment applies:

Let’s get back to justice. What is justice? What is the intention of justice? The intention of justice is to see that the guilty people are punished and the innocent are freed. Simple, isn’t it? Only it’s not that simple. However, it is the defense counsel’s duty to protect the rights of the individual, as it is the prosecution’s duty to uphold and defend the laws of the State. Justice for all. Only we have a problem here. And you know what it is? Both sides want to win. We want to win. We want to win regardless of the truth. And we want to win regardless of justice. Regardless of who’s guilty or innocent. Winning is everything!

-Al Pacino
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