Will we witness the demise of the GOP?

Will we witness the demise of the GOP?

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    Votes: 15 53.6%
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    Votes: 5 17.9%
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Jun 2018
Let's get back to the OP. What party would you say these guys belong to?

I'm guessing they're Republicans.
But you have no way to be sure. The guys with the torches could all be Democrats posing as neo-Nazis to give the marchers a bad name.

As for the guys with the Confederate flags, so what ? The Confederate flag is OK - representation of defense of nation.

And the guys with the MAGA hats, sure they're Repubklicans. But why aren't ALL the ones in the picture wearing those hats ?
Jun 2018
Did some woman get the job you felt you were entltled to, by merely being born as a white male?
Not just women but blacks too. Of course. By I'm not entirely white. I'm 50% Hispanic and speak Spanish fluently, and so could qualify to be on the beneficiary side of affirmative action, but I'm proud to say that in over 50 years in the workforce, I never once lowered myself to the level of the knaves who engage in such pathetic activity.

I steer clear of AA questionairres, and let lost causes partake of it, while those who support such racist discrimination go about their business underneath the rocks they call home.

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Feb 2010
Like every white-hating one of them supporting Affirmative Action.
Do even know what Affirmative Action is or does? I'm a white guy who works in a job that is strictly subject to AA requirements, and I've never felt anything was discriminatory. I've also hired people into similar positions.

-We have to post the job widely. We have to ask candidates we're interested in where they found the ad.
-We have to keep meticulous records of how we judge the candidates, according to predetermined criteria tied to the job advertisement.
-We have to show in those records why the people we interview are better qualified for the job than others whom we don't interview.
-We have to ask them all the same questions, though we can ask follow ups based on their answers.
-Candidates who apply are asked to fill out a card stating their ethnicity, sex, and veteran status. (I got those cards. I returned them if they came self-addressed, business reply.). They send that card to an office that keeps records about those things--an office that has nothing to do with the hiring process.
-If we find two applicants are relatively equally qualified, we're called on (but not required) to hire the person who would create greater diversity in our unit.

That's it. In my field, we have to beat the bushes to find qualified applicants who are not white, though females are an increasing share of the labor market.

If you think people who support Affirmative Action hate whites, then I hate myself. I'm easily the whitest guy I know.
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Mar 2007
Anyone who takes the mid term election results and concludes that this means that the party that controls 2/3rds of the government is going to die is delusional.

You have to pretend it's a permanent trend line while ignoring the fact that it was a fairly moderate change compared to MOST mid terms under similar conditions.

Anyone who thinks that the opinions of young people who think radical while young will keep those opinions is delusional.

When they start trying to earn a living and watch their paychecks get drained off by government priorities, many of them turn to the right.

The smart interpretation is that the voters want divided government and until the parties start working together with a single purpose the power will cycle back and forth.

Political parties also change with the times to maintain their power and that is unlikely to change.