Will you watch Trump's SOTU speech tonight?

Will you watch Trump's SOTU speech tonight?

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Jun 2013
Looks like Nancy wants to give him a hug, or old fashion.
You and Trump didn't seem to get it. Nancy was pointing to all the women elected to the House BECAUSE, Trump is such a jerk. He seemed to think they were standing and clapping for his claimed achievement about women, when they were standing and clapping because of the people that elected them, in OPPOSITION to Trump. Kinda like how he seemed a bit clueless when all those at the UN laughed at his shameless BS bragging.......

Unlike all Presidents before him who also lost the House to their opposition majority, Trump bypassed acknowledging their being elected.

"There are more women in Congress than ever before, but that is almost entirely because of Democrats, not Trump’s party. The number of Republican women in the House has, in fact, fallen from 23 in the last Congress to 13 in this one."

"Altogether, there are 127 women in Congress, up from 110 in 2018. But even with that large jump, women remain hugely underrepresented on Capitol Hill — less than 1 in 4 members of Congress is a woman. (Meanwhile, women are the majority of voters.)"
Danielle KurtzlebenNPR Politics Reporter

Fact Check: Trump's State Of The Union Address
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