Witness.......Trump and cabal unraveling .......Even as his shills/trolls continue to try to prop (agandize) him up....

Apr 2018
Your post demonstrates exactly what the post you are responding to, illustrates as your "practice".

Once again, you can participate with something substantive about the OP and discussion of the OP or you can continue to demonstrate your lack of capacity to do anything, but try to deflect to the defects of those who do present substantive responses.
You could put me on ignore instead of impotently mewling about it. Your choice will be obvious by your reply or lack thereof.
Apr 2012
I'm not the one impotently mewling over your posts. If I were that thin-skinned and easily triggered, I would definitely heed my own advice. Next.
Note here, Knot is not known for mewling about anything. But your personal insults are duly noted.