Woman who accused Trump of rape says she still has the BLACK dress

Jul 2015
IT'S a black dress. A brand name (as in designer) and she said it is still in her closet! She could never wear again but put it behind a bunch of old coats. She also said she was NOT planning on going to authorities when she was asked if she should take it to authorities to see if there was any 'evidence' on it.​
I feel sure she is going to get a SHITLOAD of calls in the next few days asking her to reconsider that choice. She also just admitted on live air, she still has it. Which means she shouldn't even be thinking about getting rid of it.​
What I don't know is if she chooses not to press charges, whether authorities can still demand the dress? Not a clue. Class one is if there is penetration. She says she wasn't sure he 'managed' because she pushed him 'off'.​
(I really can't believe I'm actually typing this out loud).​
It was just on LAWRENCE O'DONNELL, I'll put up a link as soon as available.​