"Women have the right to control their own bodies."

Nov 2018
Nope.The problem is to many say "Yes" without protection.
Any guesses on how many people try to insult me, or deflect the conversation? They would do anything other than admit that women should wait to have sex or use protection. They want 13 year-old girls to get pregnant just so they can have an abortion. After all, abortion is a multi-million dollar business.


Council Hall
Dec 2007
Pennsylvania, USA
Nope.The problem is to many say "Yes" without protection.
Do you have any idea how often protection fails? Condoms are 98% effective when used properly. That means if there are 60,000,000 sexually-active couples in the United States (lowballing), and they have sex once per week (lowballing again), then there is the potential for about 62 million failures.

The odds of a woman getting pregnant without contraception is around 20%, which is about 12.5 million pregnancies. About a quarter of these abort spontaneously, bringing the number down to 9 million unplanned pregnancies.

And just for the hell of it, I'm going to assume I missed some major factor, and cut my total in half to 4.5 million unplanned pregnancies every year.

And that's assuming that a) no one uses expired condoms, and b) people don't misuse condoms (by keeping them in wallets, using them in swimming pools, etc.)