Words of Sweat

Jun 2013
Somewhere, USA
Words of Sweat

Woke up in a sweat, words, thoughts and my soul drenched,
coffinized for one last ride through the barren wastelands of convictions.
Guilty, no trial like Shakespeare, Frost and Poe, just words, labeled,
A genius, a saved soul, a madman caged into a self written landscape.

Words don't lie or do they, thoughts building to a summit,
some hidden, always deep within, a fear of reprisal,
Only for being themselves, suffering in silence, sometimes scared,
fighting, then winning, they wrote, caring less of Satan stifling them.

God's gifts can never be destroyed by wild birds, spreading the word,
picked up, transformed into a raging misconception in the wrong direction.
Strong thoughts on invincible paper, strong words set free to soar,
brilliant minds soaking it in, the sweating ceases, always craving more.

..........The Bannibal One.............

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