Would you eat these GM eggs under a doctor's recommendation


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Jun 2007
That is usually growing live bacteria or viruses in the egg. This technique is causing the chicken to actually create these medicinal proteins by their metabolism.
It's GMing the chicken?
Jun 2014
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It's a bit Dr. Moreau, but I guess as long as the chicken is happy, it's okay. Those are going to be some really expensive omelets, though.

I guess you'd need to also keep some regular eggs around, so you wouldn't OD if you made a chicken salad or something and ate too many?


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Jan 2015
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For all those who fear GM here's a shocker. I just learned this. Almost all insulin now is produced by GM bacteria.
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Sep 2014
Interesting --

I rarely eat eggs and when I do it's generally egg whites.

I wouldn't have a problems with these if they have beneficial factors.
I eat about four eggs a week. I eat the whole thing. A egg is nothing without the yoke. :) I feel better when my diet is mostly protein and fiber. Eggs were bastardized in the 80's and 90's because of cholesterol..now they are considered a super food. The best eggs are the natural ones. The yoke is richer. We have a lot of people who sell eggs around here. My girlfriend has about 10 hens and it is a project for her kids. She gets about 10-15 eggs a day. I get some from her as well. My Dad keeps chickens as well and gives eggs to everyone he meets...his doctor, the pastor of his church, family and friends. Everybody loves them.

I would try these eggs when they are available but I prefer natural and home grown. If had enough property and did not live in a HOA, I would have chickens too. :)