Would you rather be born..

Which one of these traits would you rather be born with..

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Aug 2018
That's true. It would be nice to be born rich. But I honestly would NOT want to be born rich in Russia, for example. Too fucking dangerous over there.

If you have lots of shit in Russia, other powerful people want to take that shit away from you. Lots of rich people over there have ended up in the prison camps on trumped up charges; or even dead by the hand of assassins; in the fighting for their business interests and other property...

Rich or not, I much prefer to now live in a land with rule of law; rather than a lawless mafia state...
I think my preferred country is probably imaginary.

It doesn't actually exist.


That sexy planet from Star Trek. Eden or something?
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Jun 2007
Being rich has the same defect as being happy. As a lifelong condition, both stunt creativity, imagination, capacity for joy, etc.

It would be like a life "lived" in a medically-induced coma, in my view.

Why fucking bother?
So you could bring joy to others.


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Feb 2007
I'm not so sure...

Look at why rap and hip-hop is so popular among young people in Russia. In big part, because it is anti-establishment protest music over there.

Because a dude like Dmitry Kuznetsov, aka "Husky" is willing, after authorities in the city of Krasnodar shut down the venue where he was to perform, to climb on top of a fucking car and do an impromptu illegal concert for all his fans, right on the street

get hauled away by the cops for that

and then spend a month in jail, for his art...

It makes guys like him heroes to plenty youths over there.

And I don't even like his shit, honestly, I think most of his stuff is stupid as hell lol

But, yeah, the more the authorities try to censor and suppress the rappers, the more popular they become.

The same way it was with rockers like Viktor Tsoi back in the 80s
Those guys had to perform underground, in basements, parking complexes, abandoned factories, you name it. Plenty got arrested and spent time in GULags. And they all became superstars anyhow. By the time Gorbachev enacted his Glasnost and eased up on censorship of music, guys like Tsoi were household names...

Same with the rappers now. The successive regimes over there learn nothing from history...
That's punk music in the 80s and 90s. Everything from Sex Pistols all the way to Rage Against the Machine.

Real punk.

Punk music cannot be censored and included many band in the 50s all the way to the current era. Good for them because punk music is society without control but highlights it enough to brings a legitimate control. If it were a graph it would be a roller coaster over the last 70 years.
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Feb 2007
Born? Money is survival. Make no doubt. You can have the best teeth in the world and if you aren't able to pay someone, you aren't going to eat. That's what money has done, for better or worse. Otherwise take up farming.

And if you aren't on the internet making a little stash daily, you are leaving money on the table. There is billions of dollars being sent across the internet in exchange for goods every hour and if you aren't getting a little bit of it you either don't know about it, or have no goods to offer.
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