Would you rather be born..

Which one of these traits would you rather be born with..

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Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
What happened the year you were born:

It was a transition period, moving from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age was so exciting and new!!
You watched Stonehenge being built, at first it was just a ditch and bank with 56 wooden posts, but later you would get to see the all new and improved model.
The founding of the fun island civilization of the Minoans with bare breasted bull jumpers!
The founding of the famous lovers city of Troy...
And so much more..

The Man

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Jul 2011
That's punk music in the 80s and 90s. Everything from Sex Pistols all the way to Rage Against the Machine.

Real punk.

Punk music cannot be censored and included many band in the 50s all the way to the current era. Good for them because punk music is society without control but highlights it enough to brings a legitimate control. If it were a graph it would be a roller coaster over the last 70 years.
Punk rock is antifascist theme music over there, the great enemy of the skinheads and such, which is why the skinheads and other far right thugs have attacked punk concerts in Moscow and elsewhere on occasion...

The Man

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Jul 2011
It's interesting that, although they are mostly on same side socially and politically in Russia, punks and rappers over there actually dislike each other a little bit, at least, they keep up this appearance of genre rivalry all the damn time, you often here rap artists shout "Panki hui!" off their stage ("Punks suck dick!", literally haha) while punk musicians say "Rap govno!" ("Rap is shit") and stuff like that... haha Not really sure what it's about. But it's always been that way there, going back to the mid-90s, when both genres emerged over there...
Jan 2014
Soo Rev and I got into a discussion about the ultimate lucky lotto jackpot win is to be born in a top 10 country, rich, male, white, and smart (imo). But if I can pick only one of those traits in the poll... I pick born into a rich family.

What about all yalls? and might as well post your ultimate picks also while you're here.

edit heres the soundtrack for this thread while you mull over the options :cool:
Where was I born?!?
Mr. Teminator,

Not to be all nit-picky, but rich is very subjective, there is no such thing as luck, and you can't be born smart. Being smart is a product of educations and experience, whereas you can be born intelligent.
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