WTH is......"philosophical cosmopolitanism" ?

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Though the main ideas of Confucianism and Taoism are scattered throughout the Western philosophical canon, I think that the Chinese tradition contains some unique and irreplaceable insights that would be interesting to any thinker in East or West. The conservative movement has a well-earned reputation for asserting the enduring value of the Western humanistic canon of philosophy and art. I suggest that Western conservatives broaden their historical gaze, and look to Eastern as well as Western thinkers for direction and inspiration in our confusing world. Though Confucius and his contemporaries may not be direct forebears of the Western tradition, they are our forebears in a broader human sense, and anyone who believes in the brotherhood of man should believe that there are important human truths possessed by each age and by each civilization. I believe that conservative thinkers can gain much by increasing their philosophical cosmopolitanism, without needing to compromise their conservatism in the process.

I'm just remembering when Stephen Miller used the term "cosmopolitan" during a WH briefing and it caused such an uproar. So then, I'm engaged in reading something that was actually a pretty interesting read - even if I didn't agree with a lot of it - and there that word is again...Psssst, if the read the rest of the article the irony might just be too much to take. But, I digress...about the author.

Bradford Tuckfield
Bradford Tuckfield is a data scientist in Philadelphia. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Operations and Information Management. He has written for the New English Review and the National Association of Scholars. His personal website is bradfordtuckfield.com.

Cosmopolitan | Definition of Cosmopolitan by Merriam-Webster
https://www.merriam-webster.com › dictionary › cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan definition is - having wide international sophistication : worldly. How to use cosmopolitan in a sentence. Defining cosmopolitan (Not The Drink)

And since contexts matters....

That's a lot of reading. So, I'm going to stop there for now.
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