You want sick?

Feb 2010
between Moon and NYC
Can you read the names on the Tombstones? They are also shaped like bullets.
Actually, the tombstones are shaped like tombstones. Your imagination is getting a little carried away.

Did a quick looky see trying to find that photo on any of the websites associated to McConnell. Didn't have any luck.

Where is the picture supposedly located? And how do you know when it was posted....??



Apr 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
It's funny. you and your ilk get told to call the guy "moscow mitch" and you all fall in line.

Why are you all so #triggered over this?
I think it's funny that their little Russian collusion conspiracy theory fell apart so they're all obediently repeating the Moscow Mitch line like it does anything except identify the person saying it as a weirdo leftist.