Your Picks for Trump's 2020 Campaign Song


Oct 2018
Somewhere they can't find me.
Clearly, "You Can't Always Get What You Want" is played out by now. And we all know so-called president Trump insists on keeping things fresh. We also know that he's too much of a self-obsessed troll to ever do the right thing and resign. So, unless some Republicans step up and do the right thing and vote for impeachment, we can expect to see him out on the campaign trail in another two years.

What do you think his new campaign song should be?

I like this one--although, in all honesty, it's far too beautiful a song to be wasted on such a POS.

Feb 2010
Sunny Bournemouth, Dorset
"Wet Dream". Max Romeo. It's ex-rated with a hint of pedophile rape, so I haven't linked it. How times change!