Youth Sports, Character and Life

Mar 2019
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Youth sports is a big thing today. Lots of importance put on it. High school associations advertise that it builds character and Youth sports coaches say that it builds character. Personally, I think sports just reveals character. I think it's just a tool that can be used for good or bad in a kid's character.

What I think is important:

God and family are most important. Sports comes after that. If your kid is on the starting five, but is a jerk or has bad character, did you do your job as a parent?

Young kids in elementary need to have fun. They're kids. You have to balance out the hard work aspect of trying to teach them what it takes to win, with allowing them to be kids and have fun.

Sports can build confidence, it can also destroy it if they're put in way over their head where they never see success.

Sports can encourage life long exercise, which is good. Or sports can bring debilitating injury, and cut your life short like so many pro athletes today.

Sports can teach you what it takes to win. Talent and hard work, preparation, handle pressure etc. In life there will be people more talented than you, just like in Little League and other youth sports.

If you want to succeed, you may have to be more prepared and work a little harder than some. Sometimes you are the more talented person for the job, but don't be lazy, someone may be right behind you that will pass you by.

Participation trophies? I don't mind at token for participation, but I wonder if that extreme has gone too far as well. I want my kids to enjoy their sports, but should they have a trophy on the shelf if they didn't put much effort or didn't achieve? On the other hand, a baseball signed by your teammates remembering the good times that season helps you remember the friendships.

There are coaches, win at all costs. I think that is wrong as well. What if you fail? Sometimes in life you lose. But how do you handle failure is important. If your an adult, you get right back up, your wife and family may depend on you. And did you win, or make that sale by lying and cheating someone else?

Thoughts on youth sports or anything on your mind related? any disagreements?
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Mar 2019
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Full contact football; the younger the better. The head trama will go nicely with lead in the public water supply. If you think american society is retarded now, think of the progress we can make on that front.
Mar 2019
God's Country
I agree....

Mark 8:36
For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

Life has wins and it has losses, but did you live your life honoring God in both the times of success and failure.
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