YouTube just banned Gavin McInnes, the founder of the far-right men's group Proud Boys.


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Jun 2013
A good place to start would be making statements where one could compare that to the actual statements made and see the coherence between the two.

It's funny because at that part of what he actually said, what you said was exactly what he said people like you would say in order to misrepresent what he said. Wow that was a mouth full.

More simple; he knew people like you would misrepresent his statements in the exact way you just did.
Here's what I said in the OP:

Last week Gavin McInnes lost his show on BLAZE Media. This week, he's been booted from Youtube. McInnes is one of the founding members of VICE media

Where is the lie?
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Dec 2014
Look in a mirror.

I made a comment directed at someone else, you flipped the meaning dishonestly then cried a little when called on it.

And then you claim I need to grow up? That's what we call projection.
Your post is what I call 'lying'. You're making shit up as usual. Now grow the fuck up for once in your miserable existence.
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