YouTube just banned Gavin McInnes, the founder of the far-right men's group Proud Boys.

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Not doing this yet again with you...have posted multiple videos and stories where the Proud boys have made racist, anti-semitic statements and Gavin explicitly calling for violence.

Again, never thought in all my life I would see people supporting people like Nazi's and the Proud Boys. I have never condoned violence btw, but if you have to pick a side which side are you are on?

Those fighting fascism or those who promote it? Pretty clear which side you are on.

Why lie? don't you have any integrity? Promoting self defense is not calling for violence. I teach and promote self defense, are you saying I am calling for violence?

You never posted any such thing. I've posted you direct quotes from their website, I've posted their direct quotes, you claim we cant trust what they say on their website, but have no problem arguing with others they need to trust the websites you post.

That's hyper partisan NPC crap right there.

ANTIFA is to anti-fascism as the Democratic peoples republic of North Korea is a democracy, only the incredibly gullible or willfully ignorant would look at their name and says "see they are anti-fascist"

so on one side you have the proud boys with multiracial members, stating on their website they are not alt-right are not racists, and you say we can't believe them, then you call me a fascist because I point out that ANITFA engages in fascist behavior, but you dont believe me because they have anti-fascist in their name.

You aren't very clever. and I am far less a fascist than you.

You are asking me to pick a side between two asshole groups. I refuse. I don't have to choose either side. Why do you feel you have to choose between two groups?
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Of course. McInnes is dangerous. He is standing up to the fascists and encourages others to fight back against them.
Don’t worry, there are plenty of white supremacy hate groups for you to tug one off to late at night.


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